And get in game Freebies!



It's three easy steps:

  1. Recruit Shipmates (you need just 15 battles fought to start recruiting)
  2. Shipmates achieve Milestones
  3. After the event ends, you get Amazon Credits for every Shipmate who's achieved their Milestone.


Depending on your Shipmate's history with World of Warships, they'll have a different Milestone to accomplish in order for you to get rewarded: 

  • Newcomers (Never Played the Game) — Fight at least one non-Training battle in a non-Premium Tier VI ship.
  • Veteran (Hasn't Played the Game in 90+ days) — Win 25 or more non-Training battles in Tier IV or higher ships.

Good News! If you've already been sharing your link beforehand, after June 4, then Shipmates recruited will retroactively qualify!

Promotional Credit Reward Rates

  • 1-10 Shipmate Milestones — $10 each
  • 11-100 Shipmate Milestones — $15 each
  • 101+ Shipmate Milestones — $20 each

*Each Shipmate you recruit only has one Milestone. 

Example: Smith and McGraw both recruit through the Recruiting Station during the Recruitment Rumble. 9 of Smith's Shipmates reach their Milestones, while 17 of McGraw's Shipmates reach theirs. At the end of the event, Smith scores $90 (9 x $10) in Amazon Credits while McGraw gets $255 (17 x $15)

Top Recruiter Rewards

$10-$20 per Milestone not enough?
There's an additional Amazon Credits Megahaul for the Top 5 Recruiters, ranked by number of Milestone completions.


After the Recruitment Rumble ends, prize links will be sent to you via email. You'll also get an in-game notification reminding you to check your email.

Follow those links in the email and login with your Amazon account to redeem your rewards!

Other Stuff You Need to Know

  • The Recruitment Rumble is only valid for NA server accounts in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil
  • Promotional Credits will be rewarded in your local currency. 

USDCADMXNBRLUnit Rate per $1 USD11.3183.8

  • Recruitment Station restrictions, such as needing 15 battles played before being qualified to recruit Shipmates, still apply
  • An Amazon account is required for prize redemption
  • Reward codes and Promotional Credits expire 6 months after the Recruitment Rumble ends.